Daily Office Cleaning
Eco Clean offers a comprehensive cleaning service to all types of businesses from small local premises right up to corporate offices. Our daily office cleaning systems are individually designed and tailored to suit the requirements of all building types and customer demands. Our dedicated Area Managers ensure that each site is continuously cleaned and presented to the highest standards, thus providing a showcase for our company, whereby our continued growth is maintained via recommendation and referral.

Window Cleaning
Eco Clean offers Window Cleaning for all types of buildings and premises using primarily water fed pole systems. Risk Assessments are completed prior to all works and all operatives are fully trained and current in all Health & Safety regulations. We currently maintain both our own directly employed window cleaners and a specialist sub-contractor who has worked with Eco Clean for years.

Washroom Services
We can provide a total washroom service. This service incorporates the following facilities:

Feminine Hygiene Units

Paper Towels

Toilet Papers

Soap Dispensers

Roller Towel Dispensers

Air Fresheners

Auto Janitors

Auto Sanitizes

Warm Air Hand Driers

General Supplies

Suppliers of general household, industrial and hospital chemicals;

Suppliers of general goods such as safety equipment;

Other Household cleaning supplies.